The Inheritance Cycle



This four part young adult fantasy series is fantastic reading for all ages. Join Eragon Shade Slayer  and his bonded dragon Spahira Brightscales as they journey throughout Alagaësia; an intricately built world,  populated with bold characters and filled with both classic and new school fantasy elements.

As we enter The Inheritance Cycle, Alagaësia has reached a tipping point, magic has faded into myth and dark king Galbatorix rules the land with a convincing and menacing grip. As Eragon comes of age and the darkness threatens to spread, the past must blend with the present to reveal secrets that should never have been buried by time.


If you are a first time fantasy reader or sceptical of the use of magic in fiction, this series avoids sinister plot lines and draws fascinating links between language and creative power.

The first book Eragon is a self contained adventure and is worth reading in isolation if you don’t feel up to reading a four part series. I dare you to stop at one!


Recommended for any high school reader. 4 stars


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