The Pillars of the Earth

Pillars-Of-The-EarthThere is a reason that Ken Follett’s masterwork The Pillars of the Earth has been made into a mini-series and topped best seller lists; it is amazing.  This novel transported me into medieval life as no other work of fiction has previously. Follett provides a fresh new perspective on the building of cathedrals and the men of power and men of  service who lusted and laboured for dichotomous pursuits surrounding their construction.

The real driver of this story however, is the character development. The characters who populate its pages are finely crafted; unassuming heroes you will adore, villains you will despise and across it all a sense of reality that doesn’t hold back. Do yourself a favour, read this book. (It should be noted that I read this novel while travelling Europe and visiting many cathedrals, as such my affinity with the content may be slightly biased.)5starsMA

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