The Boy and the Toy

the boyHartnett and Masciullo join forces to create an insightful critique of humanities biological vs. mechanical engagement with the world around them. In a subtle way these authors are challenging the x-box generation to reconnect with the living world. The Boy and the Toy is visually reminiscent of Shaun Tan’s work and also deals with the idea of an alienated object or ‘thing’. Interestingly, the fate of the Toy remains unresolved within the text and can be viewed as ‘the other’ within the world of the inventor. Much like Frankenstein’s monster the Toy is created and discarded, as it will never be “a good friend to you.”



One thought on “The Boy and the Toy

  1. I love this book! Came across it when I was with Leigh and David at a Children’s literature exhibit down in Melbourne a few years ago. You’re right about it being visually reminiscent of Shaun Tan’s work. That must be why I love it!

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