The Heart in the Bottle


Oliver Jeffers proves with his text The Heart in the Bottle that a picture book is capable of dealing with the most sophisticated of ideas. Themes of pain, loss and grief are all encapsulated in his emotive work of hope and healing. Jeffers uses curiosity and wonder as catalysists for recovery and new dreams. Interestingly, Jeffers never mentions the word death. The father’s absence is simply stated as “she found an empty chair”, dark shades and the motif of night time are used to emphasise the sense of loss that accompany this moment. The Heart and the Bottle closes with circularity in recognising that “the chair wasn’t empty any more.”



One thought on “The Heart in the Bottle

  1. Beautiful illustration on the cover. I instantly thought – I need to buy this for Tiggs! But I’m going to see if she has other work that’s not so sombre. Love your review.

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