Pieces of Sky

“Lucy’s life was going as smoothly as any teenager’s could. She was the state backstroke champion, and swimming obsessed. She lived with her parents and her brother, Cam, in the small coastal town she’d known all her life. She had friends, she had goals – she had a life.Now Cam is dead, her parents might as well be – and Lucy can’t bear to get back in the pool. All she has to look forward to now is a big pile of going-nowhere.Drawn to Steffi, the wild ex-best-friend who reminds her of her artist brother, and music-obsessed Evan, the new boy in town, Lucy starts asking questions. Why did Cam die? Was it an accident or suicide? But as Lucy hunts for answers she discovers much more than she expects. About Cam. About her family. About herself.”

Pieces of Sky is an effortless read from beginning to end. The voices are real, the emotional tenor rings true and within pages I was hooked. In a clever way the narrative progression orbits around a dead character and there is a really exciting sense of getting to know Cam vicariously despite his death occurring before the story begins. This novel works on so many levels, an adolescent expose of east coast life in Australia and a reflective journey through the process of grief, acceptance and healing. It’s a beautiful world to be in, so pick this gem up and let yourself sink beneath the waves.



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