Ghostwritten – David Mitchell

11806798“An apocalyptic cult member carries out a gas attack on a rush-hour metro, but what links him to a jazz buff in downtown Tokyo? Or to a Mongolian gangster, a woman on a holy mountain who talks to a tree, and a late night New York DJ?Set at the fugitive edges of Asia and Europe, Ghostwritten weaves together a host of characters, their interconnected destinies determined by the inescapable forces of cause and effect.”

The first of Mitchell’s novels, Ghostwritten, introduces his signature style using a myriad of voices and styles all carefully pieced together in this complex puzzle of narrative bliss. I find his writing witty, descriptive and quick paced and all the while he is fashioning this wildly intricate fabric of connections across time, place and persons. Mitchell knows how to keep his readers on their toes and while this novel isn’t as fine-tuned as his later work, it’s definitely some mind bending fun.  He’s looking at choice and destiny, the role of the supernatural, cause and effect, truth and memory. Clever, captivating, intellectual… Mitchell is a master.

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