The Power of Six

The Power of Six - Pittacus Lore

The Power of Six is the second book in the young adult science fiction series The Lorien Legacies by Pittacus Lore. It is the sequel to I am Number Four. 

Pittacus Lore doesn’t miss a beat – his protagonists hit the ground running in the sequel to I am Number Four. I really enjoyed the character development in this book, a second narrator has been introduced and  The Power of Six benefits from parallel story lines that weave together into an action packed thrill ride. This is a self contained novel that allows scope for the series to continue. I’m just hoping that like J.K Rowling, Pittacus Lore is able to mature his books to keep pace with his readership.


Recommended for any high school reader. 4 stars



Dragonkeeper - Carole Wilkinson

“Ancient China, Han Dynasty. A slave girl saves the life of an aging dragon and escapes her brutal master. Pursued by a ruthless dragon hunter, the girl and the dragon make an epic journey across China carrying a mysterious stone that must be protected. This is the story of a young slave girl who believes she is not worthy of a name, but finds within herself the strength and courage to make this perilous journey – and do what must be done.”

I really enjoyed reading this book. It is for younger readers, but the story was enchanting, the characters engaging. It is a beautiful fantasy story set in the epic and exotic backdrop of ancient China. It is about more than just dragons though, it is about courage, value, self-worth, heroism, resilience and the power of good.

Being fantasy, there is some magic in the story, particularly some dark magic used by the villain.

Recommended for Year 7 readers. 4 stars.

The Chronicles of Narnia

The Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis

The world of Narnia is an exotic and adventurous place that exists outside of our own. It was created by The Great Lion, Aslan and like any world, experiences times of extensive peace as well as tragedy, conflict and war. It is filled with fantastic characters and creatures such as talking animals, dragons, fauns and much stranger and wonderful things. The series of seven fantasy books cover everything from the creation of this magical world in The Magician’s Nephew, to it’s end in The Last Battle. All of the books, with the exception of The Horse and His Boy retell the adventures of children from our world, the real world, who are magically transported into the world of Narnia to encounter great adventure.

Most people will have heard of, or at least seen, the most popular book, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, an outstanding story to say the least. I think they’re all fantastic for a whole bunch of different reasons (and I don’t even really like fantasy!). It is such a captivating fantasy world and it’s easy to get attached to, as well as angry with, the characters. It is an excellent book for early high school readers, but I can also recommend it with confidence to older students and adults alike. The analogy, insight and wisdom that C. S. Lewis integrates into each of his stories makes them unique and valuable books. Just writing this has made me want to read them again!

An unmissable read for anyone. 5 stars.